Building Surveys

We specialise in looking after buildings and everything that concerns them. To dispel, for example, any concern by architects that our work competes with theirs, be re-assured it does not. On the contrary, architects and other fellow professionals are amongst our very varied clients. We offer a complete service with regard to buildings and their systems whether or not they are residential, commercial, industrial or public.


Peter Wadhams BSc FRICS, previously from Challengers Surveyors, is now part of the Michael Parkes team.


Why do I need my own survey?

The best way to reach an informed decision on such an important investment as a home is to have a professional survey and valuation of the property which interests you. Before you decide to go ahead and commit yourself legally, you can minimise the risks by asking a qualified surveyor to answer these questions for you:

  • Is the agreed price reasonable?
  • Are there drawbacks I don’t know about?
  • If so, what do I need to do about them?

Commissioning your own survey is the simple, economical way to avoid unpleasant – and perhaps costly – surprises after moving in. In some cases, the surveyor’s report may enable you to renegotiate the price.


A building survey (formerly called a structural survey)

A building survey is suitable for all residential properties and provides a full picture of their construction and condition. It is likely to be needed if the property is, for example, of unusual construction, is dilapidated or has been extensively altered – or where a major conversion or renovation is planned. It is usually tailored to the client’s individual requirements. The report includes extensive technical information on construction and materials as well as details of the whole range of defects, major to minor.


Building defect reports

Defects arise within buildings of any age. It is occasionally necessary for a chartered surveyor to carry out a diagnostic report on a particular defect. This could simply be a query raised by a mortgage valuer or a defect noted during occupation. This service occasionally leads to us acting as expert witness where a dispute may arise. We will always endeavour to conciliate and resolve the dispute at an early stage to the reasonable satisfaction of those involved. We will be happy to discuss any building defects you may have.


Schedules of conditions

It often necessary to record both in writing and by way of photographs the conditions of property and land prior to occupation or completion of occupation and also where other matters may affect the environment. We carry out schedules of conditions on many different types of property but in particular specialise with residential properties.


Party wall advice

The party wall act requires certain procedures to be followed when considering works to or near a party wall, in certain circumstances. At Michael Parkes we provide party wall advice and act as both building owner’s surveyors and adjoining owner’s surveyors. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.