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We provide market valuations in Kent for commercial property including retail, industrial, offices, licensed/leisure, hotels, health care, educational and development land for major banks, pension funds, solicitors, accountants and individuals – in short anyone who needs to know what a property is worth for either purchase, sale, investment, legal proceedings, probate, asset management or accounting purposes.

We also provide residential valuations and especially Help To Buy Valuations!

Valuations depend on the quality of market information available, the legal interest being valued and the way this is interpreted by the valuer. In addition to a wealth of data about the property market in Kent and south-east England, we have wide commercial experience and access to the most up-to-date on-line information.

The report includes an executive summary, description, accommodation, location and condition; statutory enquiries , environmental issues, tenure, market commentary, market value, market rent and insurance reinstatement cost assessment. Where appropriate, they assess competition, published accounts and projections. Our reports are not a substitute for a building survey.

We can provide sensitivity analysis, development appraisals and retrospective valuations where required. All reports comply with the RICS Valuation Standards, include a rental valuation where appropriate, and are provided with photographs and the latest Ordnance Survey mapping.

A valuation information sheet is available to download by clicking here

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We provide services to both landlord and tenants covering rent reviews and lease renewals.  We endeavour to ensure that landlords receive a market-related income and that tenants pay fair rents. Because of inevitable debates around the interpretation of available evidence and how the resultant rental should be adjusted professional representation is often necessary. A Chartered Surveyor is well placed to present specific evidence of comparable transactions and set out an interpretation of the lease in the most favourable light.

Sometimes, lease terms require negotiations to involve either an arbitrator or independent expert. These are quasi-judicial proceedings and representation by a surveyor is almost essential, as the evidence needs to be placed before the Arbitrator or Expert in a way that can be easily interpreted to stand the best chance of success.


“Schedules of Condition”

When entering into a lease the parties may agree a Schedule of Condition reflecting the condition of the property. We can ensure these optimise your position.

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“Schedules of Dilapidation.”

When a tenancy ends, the tenant will usually be required to reinstate the property to the condition that it was at the commencement of the lease. These costs of works can be considerable and we can ensure that you receive the best outcome at the end of the lease.

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We work with large financial institutions as well as local landlords and tenants